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All of you - meat-bodies of love and light and goodness - hear here. I made a bunch of work for art school over the last few months and climbed aboard the bigcartel-train for somewhere to sell it away. I’ve only put one painting up at this stage because I still have a ton of measurements to do, but if you want to buy something, MY TAPES ARE ON SALE FOR A CHEAP $3 or BOTH FOR $5, in celebration of the launch of this rad new thing.

If you like my art and want support me and my craft, it would mean the universe to me for anyone to go buy a painting, or drawing, or tape, or anything at all that I happen to list up in here.

Will accept trades if you have something cool to swap. Message me here.

There will be more things up soon enough. Ty everyone for following me and being sweet as fuck. Paz Fuera.

a painting of mine that I did for art school. I think I will try to sell these when I get them back.

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non space

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projection shiiet

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